What is my approach to psychdynamic counselling

Psychodynamic counselling was originally conceptualised by Sigmund Freud. His concepts and insights are where many of the current forms of therapy draw their inspiration from.

I use the concepts and ideas of psychodynamic counselling to inform my work with my clients. For me the focus is on the therapeutic relationship. I believe that it is vital that we can build a space where you can trust in the safety of that space to explore the material that you bring.

I believe that  our past experience have an influence over how we are and how we respond to certain situation or people in the present that is why  there will be a focus on the past in our work together. By exploring the past we can discover how that is effecting the present situation and then we can think about how to change how you view the situation or to give you a space to work through the feelings that come from the past and are affecting the present.

I believe that by understanding the past and the feelings that come with those experiences you can have a choice as to how you behave in the present and that choice is the key because you are making a conscious choice about how you react rather than just acting the same way you always have done.

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